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A Day in the Life of...

Corporates Startups Combined Insights
A Corporate Innovator
  • Multiple demands and roles
  • Multiples decision makers - needing to getting group buy-in
  • Competing interests for budget
  • Fire fighting constantly
  • Prioritising
  • Brand risk mitigation
  • Talent management/ resourcing
  • Staying current and relevant
A Startup Founder
  • Multiple hats 24/7
  • Sole decision maker
  • Managing cash flow
  • Finding work/life balance
  • Staying upbeat when there are delays/inertia
  • Being all things to all people
  • Prioritising
  • Flying as you’re building the plane
  • Talent management/resourcing
Shared Experiences
  • Not engaging at right level
  • Day to day activities are very similar
  • Founders often have a personal hands on relationship with funders (Family or Venture Capitalist)
  • Corporate Innovators have a more distanced hands off relationship with their shareholder funders
  • Investment in personal reputation & risk
  • Decision-making as a founder is close to the action whereas decision-making as a corporate innovator is more distanced from action
  • Can be over-investment in the initial concept / dream to detriment of clear commercial progress
  • Recognising when to say stop
  • Prioritising time to $ vs. time to alignment.

FACILITATOR COMMENTARY Somewhat surprisingly for some, the similarities of the daily issues each face were outlined and acknowledged. Everyone recognised each other’s strengths and issues - time/speed, money, resources - and vowed to work better, together.