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Output of New Zealand's First Corporate Startup Partnering Retreat: A Discussion Document

In September 2017, Dan Khan and Jane Treadwell-Hoye from ZeroPoint Ventures and Kerry Topp and Taryn Ellis from Datacom began discussions around how to improve engagement between corporates and startups.

We all want to help drive better outcomes for New Zealand — for startup founders and entrepreneurs, for corporate intrapreneurs, for organisations large and small, for cities, regions and local towns, for communities, and for a strong, growing New Zealand economy.

We recognise that we are a nation of well-connected individuals – a village in a world of global cities. We believe we all need to better use our connections to open doors, to connect people to the right people, to grow stronger, more innovative businesses and to nurture talented people, in a way that is right for New Zealand. We spoke of the need for a New Zealand playbook; one that is created by Kiwis, for Kiwis. One that truly reflects the uniqueness that is our 1.6 degrees of separation.

The 1st NZ Corporate Startup Partnership Retreat was held 9-11 Feb 2018, in Nelson, New Zealand. It aimed to bring startup founders and corporate executives together for an off-site, honest discussion on the challenges and opportunities each faced. It also provided us the opportunity for a co-created discussion document that could form the basis of a draft New Zealand playbook. This wiki captures the output of the weekend.

We welcome your comments, your ideas and your input.

Aaron, Andrew, Carolyn, Catherine, Dan, Jane, Jason, Jessica, Kerry, Manu, Mytheryi, Paul, Rachel, Sonya and Taryn