Key Messages

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We Need To...

  • Systematically align along phases of the engagement process
  • Know each other’s why and understanding how to connect - know me and my business
  • Be open and transparent engagement
  • Reduce red tape
  • Commit to undertaking the engagement - people, time, resources
  • Have clear success measures
  • Bring together strategy and execute on delivery
  • Disrupt before you’re disrupted
  • Act - take the vision to action - less hui, more do-ey
  • Fund it appropriately - aligning money to the outcomes sought
  • Take a step by step approach, keep it simple and keep going
  • Recognise failure is an important part of success
  • Realise that it’s bigger than you - whole of community / all of NZ approach
  • Remember….we all rise on a high hide

FACILITATOR COMMENTARY Key takeaways for everyone included a clear understanding of the ‘why now’? And being able to see the potential benefits of working smarter together. A challenge to overcome in many corporates however, was that those present are actively engaged this and see value in these connections but need to bring others in their organisations along on the journey of startup collaboration.