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Everyone Said They Came To…

  • Connect with like minded and experienced individuals
  • Share war stories and insights with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Foster trust and transparency
  • Work out how to bring together for mutual long term success and impact
  • Drive better outcomes for startups and corporates to build a better NZ Inc
  • Better define and create the NZ Inc model and story
  • Draw on each other’s strengths to go better, faster
  • Remove any barriers through misunderstanding, myths or preconceptions on both sides
  • Have honest dialogue - expectations / needs / capabilities
  • Grow each other
  • Understand the challenges corporates face
  • Understand the startup mindset
  • Create a common vision for collaboration and innovation in NZ
  • Have new connections
  • Get tips to overcome our challenges and frustrations
  • Strengthen the ecosystem
  • Create a pipeline of engagement
  • Have a 1000x return on time
  • Co-create tangible practices for collaboration
  • Learn how to raise strategy to delivery execution
  • Co-create a shared vision
  • Design a corporate and startup framework
  • Challenge business priorities and find out how better to collaborate
  • Act now!

FACILITATOR COMMENTARY There was significant commonality of aspirations amongst all attendees; as well as a strong commitment to finding new ways of working together. Everyone was willing to share their knowledge and experience, and be open to learn new things.