Stages of Engaging - Scouting

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Scouting is the stage where discovery, information harvesting and knowledge acquisition in a pre-engage phase becomes critical. A landscape scan and key materials are gathered to then lead into the Dating Stage of Engagement.

What Does Success Look Like for Both Corporates and Startups?

  • Easily find and search opportunities
  • Easily know if the ‘fit’ is right thereby saving time and money


  • How do we know/find out about each other?
  • How do we know how the other thinks?
  • How do we know what problems we each have?


  • Links to industry players
  • Links to social content
  • Templates
  • Canvas
  • Legal documents
  • Financial models
  • Engagement models
  • Checklists

Prepare to Engage

  • Checklist - Corporate
  • Checklist - Startup
  • Basic Bio
  • Problem defined
  • Mandate to act


FACILITATOR COMMENTARY The need to better understand the ecosystem landscape and find out who is working in the areas of your interest was quickly identified. Basic tools needed to assist with this were also noted including the need for checklists, bio info, industry landscape scans and other groundwork papers to aid better, more meaningful initial conversations.