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'''Partnering Lean Canvas'''
'''Partnering Lean Canvas'''

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Problem Statement: How do we move from introduction to commitment (or not) in the shortest timeframe while giving sufficient information, confidence and detail to move to the next stage?

The Answer: Dating

What Does Success Look Like?

For Founders and Startups

  • Aligned values
  • Clear end game
  • Clearly defined product/scope/requirements
  • Financially viable
  • Firm commitment to partner

For Corporates

  • All of above AND confident in discovery and assessment phase

Guiding Principles

  1. Honest and transparent discussions
  2. Be realistic about constraints
  3. Stay engaged in the process*#Leave every interaction with a commitment to ‘clear’ next steps
  4. Minimum ‘needed’ to get to next stage eg documentation

Timeframe Dating.jpg

Partnering Lean Canvas

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FACILITATOR COMMENTARY Clearly identifying the information needed to have meaningful conversations so as to avoid time wasting on both sides was seen as critical. Building on the Scouting Stage, Dating gets down to the setting of clear expectations, aligning vision and values and setting realistic time boundaries.